The Extraordinary Achievers
The Extraordinary Achievers

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Waynett Peters a.k.a LadyMillion is the founder and host of (TEA) The Extraordinary Achievers including being the CEO & Founder of Dappers and Divas Pampering Botique. LADYMILLION attached to her name defines her passion, drive to succeed, her think big mentality and ultimately her unwavering community spirit. Waynett really has had an exceptional life in her lifetime. She has seen it all in life from experiencing true Riches to abject Poverty to Homelessness and to being saved by The Mercy and Grace of God. Waynett has launched the TV Talkshow to Inspire, Motivate & encourage others by sharing the positive stories of our unsung heroes in our communities.



Waynett Peters - Lady Million is an Inspirational Entrepreneur & an Entreprenuer Award Winner. (2014)

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